ChildServe Store - Online Ordering Overview

* Effective immediately, all orders will continue to be processed as they come in, however due to the current situation of Covid-19, the completed orders will be held until management feels it is okay to distribute.

If you have any questions, please contact Joy Batten for further information.

* Apparel orders will be processed on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month and will be completed within 6-8 business days after processing.

* Merchandise orders will be complete within 2-4 business days from receipt of order. (Supplies may be limited)

* Most apparel styles are offered in both Ladies and Unisex Styles. Ladies styles are generally shorter in the sleeve and bust, the length is shorter and most styles have a tapered look.

* Approved apparel varies by service area. Review your dept guidance and the dress code policy to see if apparel is approved for wear in your service. Items will be added based on management requests and approval

* Payments can be made via credit card or "Payment Method other than Credit Card".

* "Payment Method other than Credit Card", consists of Department Codes, Check, Cash or ChildServe Bucks. 

* Instructions on the payment process can be found on the E-partner site. Click on the ChildServe Store Icon.

*For department charges please include a department and leader signature for approval on the printed confirmation page that goes to Amber.

* Please note that online orders using "Payment Method other than Credit Card" will be held by Bethany Iwamoto until payment has been received.

* Cannot find what you are looking for? Need ideas? Or if you have a question regarding placing an order, or an existing order, please contact either Bethany Iwamoto or Chris Rembert (515-965-8979)